How to Replace Costume Jewelry with Designer Pieces

People who are sick of wearing the same jewelry as everyone else can easily replace all their costume jewelry for designer fashion jewelry. Most people just buy the cheap department and dollar store items because they do not think designer jewelry is within their budgets. The truth is it has never been easier to find high-quality designer pieces at affordable prices. Replace costume jewelry one or two pieces at a time and continue to buy designer jewelry on any budget.


The key to designer pieces at low prices is increased accessibility. Designers have more accessibility to new customers and customers have accessibility to new and trendy designers. This is a major benefit of the technological age. Establishing a website is inexpensive, easy, and reaches millions of people. New designers set up their own sites to market their lines, sell jewelry at fantastic prices, and offer custom pieces made to order. Learn about their inspirations, their goals, and what materials they favor.

Customers can make personal connections with designers, compare the quality and pricing of several websites, and find a designer that captures their fancy and personal style. Make the first order a small one to determine if the jewelry does suit preferences and current outfits. Build up a collection little by little until all your jewelry is comprised of designer pieces. Give jewelry as gifts, have a few pieces personalized, and think of anything unique wanted that can become a custom and one-of-a-kind piece.

New Techniques

There have been a few changes in techniques that make jewelry stronger, more flexible, and built to last. One technique is coating gold and silver-plated jewelry with an additional layer of a clear coating. The result is a resistance to tarnishing and discoloration. New clasps are more secure than earlier ones. One example of designer jewelry that utilizes these techniques is adina’s jewels.

Collections of this jewelry can be found on the website of the designer and in small businesses in New York and Florida. Those specific locations are also listed on the site. Not everyone can afford Harry Winston pieces, but new designers are creating cutting-edge jewelry that will fit into the budget.